Osama Tahir in Ruswai is one such brother that every sister deserves

Osama Tahir in Ruswai is one such brother that every sister deserves


Ruswai that comes to its conclusion yesterday, leaves an everlasting impact on the audience. One important thing that should not be forgotten is the character of Hamza that is very well carried by Osama Tahir.

The story was of a girl who has been subject to a gang rape. The role is being beautifully done by Sana Javed as Sameera. She keeps on asking her family members and her in laws that she wants justice for herself. However, no one listened to her, thinking about their reputation in the society.

There was no one who could stand with her, but, that one person who never stopped standing beside his sister and thats what captured the hearts of the audience.

Even Sameera’s husband Salman does not listen to her and keeps on taunting her ridiculing her. Before this mishap, he swore to his love and tried to convince everyone that he truly loves her. But ever since Sameera was raped, his thinking completely changed.

He doesn not realized what he is doing with her while clearly knowing that she is his wife. He becomes interested in other girl named Pinky and even married her.

Hamza could not bear this all and supported his sister in every step she tries to take. Just for the sake of his sister Sameera, he sacrificed his own happiness and forgets about his son and wife as well. He does not care about any one else at all.


It is beacuse of Hamza, that Sameera eventually makes it so. She becomes successful in seeking justice for herslef and for all those girls who have been to this mishap. There is a strong social message in the end of the serial that we should not stop struggling for the justice. One day, justice would surely prevail and there will be left no one to question again.

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