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PAF inspired movie ‘Sherdil’ trailer unveiled


Mikaal Zulfiqar’s upcoming film ‘Sherdil’ has just unveiled its trailer. It won’t be wrong if I would call it quite a dramatic and action-packed movie.
The film basically portrays the journey and struggles of a highly lauded Pakistani actor in Pakistan Air Force (PAF). His quest for becoming a fighter pilot is pictured thoroughly.

PAF Sherdil

The two minutes video clip shows the twists and turns in the lives of the people, possibly portraying much of one’s love of one’s country. At the very start of the trailer, various fighter jets could be seen surging across the sky. The beginning really captures one’s attention. The video goes on to show how Mikaal’s character struggles hard to get admission in the PAF academy which consequently leads him to undergo training to be a fighter pilot, that he wants to be.

The last part of the trailer is extremely action-filled and focused more on the fighter jets. Seriously, it’s so intensifying even you can’t wink for a second. The clip ends with the dialogue, “If I don’t return, tell my father ‘ke shaheed kabhi mara nahi karte (Martyrs never die!)”
The film will also feature Hassan Niazi, Sabeeka Imam, and Samina Ahmed apart from Mikaal and Armeena.
The film is both written and produced by Nomaan Khan and is destined to hit the theaters before Pakistan Day, 22nd March 2019.

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