Pak Army training plane crashes

Pak Army’s training plane crashes, resulted in the death of 18 people


Rawalpindi: According to the recent news sources a small plane of Pakistan Army Aviation just got crashed near the Rabi Center in Rawalpindi in the early hours of Tuesday.

The crashed plane resulted in the death of at least 18 people.

The news has been officially announced by the ISPR when a military plane just crashed in Rawalpindi.

At least 18 people, 12 civilians, and five crew members are reported to be effected badly by this mishap.

According to the initial reports, the plane was following its routine route for the training flights when it got crushed. The reasons for the crash are still ascertained.

Soon after the crash, a massive fire broke out that affected several houses.

Lt Col Saqib, Lt Col Wasim, Naib Subedar Afzal, Hawaldar Amin, Hawaldar Rahmat are listed among the dead ones.

Here’s the complete video,

Soon after the crash, all the emergency measures were taken to avoid further deaths. The injured and the deceased ones were taken to the Holy Family and DHQ hospitals in Rawalpindi.

Rescue sources and army officials arrived immediately at the scene to rescue the injured ones.

Corps Commander Rawalpindi Lieutenant General Bilal Akbar visited the site of the plane crash.

Talking to the media, one of the rescue officials has said,

“A small plane crashed into a residential area. So far we have retrieved 15 dead bodies, including 10 civilians and five crew members.”

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