Remove Christians-Only Condition

Pakistan Army Decided to Remove ‘Christians-Only’ Condition Regarding Sanitation Jobs| Big Initiative


Removing the sanitary jobs for Christians only in the army or military sector is considered to be a good decision. It is a wise decision of the Pakistan army which opens the boundary of equality. It was portrayed in international media that Pakistan has discriminations in allotting the jobs and it should be abolished.

However, in Pakistan, the lower level or sanitation jobs are mostly awarded to Christians or non-Muslims. Although, this practice raised many questions such as humanity comes first. And work should not be attached with religion. Although, we can say in many jobs or works Religion gets top priority. For example, a non-ethical or illegal work should be accepted by Muslims. But, Pak Army after careful analysis took the decision to remove that condition on sanitary jobs.

In every country, the rights of minorities are same as of majorities. Furthermore, as you know, in the past, the rights of minorities had been denied. That’s why we saw many clashes.

It has been claimed, that the minorities generally never got equal social values. DG ISPR Asif Ghafoor removes “Christian only” condition in army jobs. This decision is gratefully appreciated by not only people of Pakistan especially non-Muslims but also other countries.

DG ISPR Asif Ghafoor takes this excellent step towards prosperity and equality in Pakistan. Now in army jobs, every Pakistani can apply on any vacancy according to merit not according to religion.

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