Pakistan condemns Indian Premier Modi's remarks

Pakistan condemns Indian Premier Modi’s ‘irresponsible & war-mongering’ remarks


During a speech to military personnel on Tuesday, the Indian premier Narendra Modi has given some irresponsible and war mongering remarks for Pakistan.

Pakistan condemns Indian Premier Modi’s remarks

In his speech, he said, “Pakistan has already lost three wars. Our armed forces will not take more than 7-10 days to make Pakistan bite the dust.”

His remarks create huge unrest between the Pakistani nation. The whole nation could be seen criticizing him for his war mongering remarks against Pakistan.

According to the Foreign Office spokesperson Aisha Farooqui, “Pakistan categorically condemns Modi’s violent and irresponsible statement. The Modi-led government is facing severe criticism over its policies in the annexed Kashmir.”

It is worth noticing that a few days earlier, PM Imran Khan has declared in his speech that there are no war fears between Pakistan and India for now. However, Modi’s recent speech is completely the opposite. He is very shamelessly supporting war hysteria.

Farooqui further said that “The Indian prime minister’s threats and provocative statements further illustrate the extremist mindset that pervades the BJP leadership and has evidently permeated the state institutions in India.”

Farooqui added that “Pakistan’s immediate and effective response to India’s Balakot misadventure, including the downing of Indian fighter aircraft and capture of Indian pilot last year, should suffice to underscore the will, capacity, and preparedness of our armed forces.”

Modi’s hate speech against Pakistan must be brought under discussion and strict action should be taken against it. The international community should step forward to defuse tensions between Pakistan and India.

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