Pakistan First Digital Population Results Revealed

The initial results of the seventh national and first-ever digital population census have been announced by the Chief Census Commissioner and Chief Statistician, Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), Naeem uz Zafar.

While addressing a press conference, the Census Commissioner revealed that the total population of Pakistan has reached 249,566,743 (249.5 million or ~25 Crore).

As far as the province-wise breakdown is concerned, Punjab is the most populous province with its population crossing 127,474,000 (127.4 million or ~12.7 Crore).

Sindh’s population is over 57,931,000 (57.9 million or ~5.7 crore) while Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s population is over 39,823,000 (39.7 million or ~ 3.9 crore).

Balochistan’s population is over 21,977,000 (21.9 million or ~2.1 crore) while the population of the federal capital, Islamabad, has reached 2,359,422. (2.3 million or ~23 lac).

The Census Commissioner pointed out that Pakistan’s population has increased by 49 million (~4.9 crore) since the last census.

Where the overall cost is concerned, the Census Commissioner stated that the first-ever digital census will cost the national exchequer over Rs. 34 billion.

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