Pakistan has Successfully Raised Kashmir issue through Speakers’ Conference in Maldives


India got another defeat in Speakers ‘conference. The members of Speakers ‘conference rejected the Indian objection over the Kashmir issue.

Indian members were trying to express that India is not doing anything wrong in the occupied Kashmir.  In Maldives’s conference Pakistani members discussed the Kashmir issue with powerful and clear stance.

In the occupied Kashmir the RSS evil minded persons are trying to kill the Muslims. The Prime Minister Imran Khan said that in February India can repeat the same operational activity in Azad Kashmir. May be he got some intelligence reports about such hidden plan of Indian security agencies.

The Pakistani members of parliament pointed out the behavior of Indian Government and the Modi’s cabinet. They also expressed, we cannot ignore the current situation of the Kashmir.

Deputy speaker Qasim Suri also told that no nation can get the peace and progress without giving respect to other fellow beings.

No one can expect the success without human respect, we should not forget the basic Human Rights. We cannot kill every person who wants freedom, we cannot hide the voices of people, we cannot kill the persons if we do not like them, we cannot kill the persons on the basis of religion. These points are of great importance in current scenario when India is trying escape from dialogue.

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