Pakistan Is Declared Champion in Asian Team Snooker

Pakistan Is Declared Champion in Asian Team Snooker 2019 By Defeating India


With the ICC World Cup Championship in full swing, nobody actually had taken notice of the fact that the Pakistani snooker team became champion in the Asian Team Snooker for 2019, by defeating the Indian Team!

Babar Masih & Zulfiqar Qadir came out victorious against team India (Aditya Mehta, Laxman Rawat & Pankaj Advani). These players are known for their achievements now would set example for their juniors players.

The championship took place in Doha from 26 June – 28 June 2019. By seizing the 5th & final frame, Pakistan won. The points were: 79 – 1; 71 – 1; 18 – 58; 39 – 67; 69 – 9; whilst the end set was 3 – 2.

Saving Pakistan from its cricket misery, this snooker news may just be the next best feature!

Each shot of team Pakistan stayed in their favor. During the quarterfinals Pakistan defeated Syria and during the semi-finals it was Thailand’s turn.

It is clear that Pakistan is desperately looking to win some cricket matches. However, when Pakistan wins in some other sport, there is no euphory!

The country should appreciate all achievements which make Pakistanis proud!

Babar Masih is a Christian and is one of the top snooker players in Pakistan.  Thus, this is a great accomplishment breaking down barriers and bring proudness to a Muslim country.

Whilst Pakistan is a diverse nation, all people are equal.

The Asian Team Snooker Championship for the year 2019, will be remembered with pride and appreciation.

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