Pakistan is opening Shawala Teja Singh Temple After 72 Years but India’s decision on Kashmir is Just a Nonsense


The rivalry between Pakistan and India frequently creates headlines, whilst everybody is familiar with the narrative behind it.

Recently. India’s illegal decision on Kashmir to abolish Article 370 is just a rubbish. It’s the mentality of sick people. People of Kashmir cannot accept Indian’s army control over occupied Kashmir. India is violating the human rights of Kashmiris every day.

Whether it is governmental issues, a cricket match or news related to celebrities, a significant space is covered by mainstream media, which is ranting and raving about these incidents!

Evidently, the hype only establishes another reason why Pakistanis take pity on India and its villainous decisions.

Note: The facts presented below are based upon genuine sources. These facts are not meant to offend anybody.

Pakistan’s Approach to Resolve Issues with India:

Pakistan has a difficult task where it comes to the way the Pakistani citizens are handled with reference to their different political viewpoints. In the meantime, all that India can do is just keeping on portraying their naivety and confusion about the country’s government.

The major aspect which separates Pakistan and India from each other, is the treatment Hindus receive in Pakistan in comparison with the treatment Muslims experience in India.

During April a repulsive incident happened in Assam India, where a Muslim man had to forcibly eat pork.

Naya Pakistan

India’s Atrocities in Kashmir

India’s actions in Kashmir are a vivid illustration, of what the minorities who are residing in India must be experiencing.

The Internet is crammed with videos which display how Muslims are oppressed and tortured inside India and it is clear to see how helpless they are. In Pakistan, Hindus have the freedom to live the lives they prefer, whilst no questions are asked.

Mistreatment with Muslim women of India:

During July, a personality associated with India’s BJP (Bhartiya Janata Party) said that Hindu men should be gang-raping Muslim women and this evidently give you an idea how Muslims have to live on India’s side of the border.

Former President of Pakistan, Gen. Pervaiz Mushrraf who has often been in Indian shows and defends the Pakistani’s point of view and looks desperate in fighting with Indian’s anchors.

A Hindu Temple of 1000 years old in Sialkot be Reopened After 72 Years

Inside India mosques are torched and burnt down, whilst innocent Muslims are killed. In Pakistan, ancient temples are reopened after many decades.

Recently a 1000-year-old Hindu temple in Sialkot was reopened after a period of about 72 years. Hindus inside Pakistan are continuously thanking the PTI (Tehreek e Insaf) government.

The closing of the Shawala Teja Temple in Sialkot occurred during the period of the partition-affairs between India & Pakistan.

During 1992, with the outbreak of a mob, the temple was damaged, after the Babari Masjid within India was demolished, Hindus in Pakistan stopped to visit the temple.

However, during the last week of July, Prime Minister Imran Khan issued orders that the Shawala Teja Temple must be reopened after a period of 72 years. Currently, the Old Hindu temple is renovated for the Pakistan Hindu community.

PM Imran Khan’s Efforts to Provide Equal Rights

During 2018, the Kartarpur project’s foundation was laid by PM Imran Khan. The Sikh community in both India and Pakistan appreciated this. This corridor will be connecting Pakistan’s Gurdwara Darbar Sahib with the Gurdaspur district in India.

The Kartarpur project will both be completed & opened during November on the 550th birthday celebration of Baba Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism.

Whilst a strong example is set by Pakistan by opening closed doors, whilst new paths are paved for Pakistan’s Hindu community, it seems that India does not learn any lesson from this.

We can only express our hope that India will realize its misconduct and will, in turn, offer the minorities residing there, basic rights. Wake Up India!

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