Pakistan’s counter Missile strategy for India’s S-400 Purchase


Missile technology has become a crucial element in any country’s defense system. Pakistan has a worldwide strong reputation in missile production. One main reason is, if we don’t manufacture the competitive weapons then the safety of land cannot be declared safe.

India continuously makes the deals for the defense products. But despite of the latest defense deals, the capability of Indian defense scientists is way less than Pakistani scientists. Our missile system carries a lot of advantages and superpowers like America and Russia are fully aware of our production ability.

Is Proliferation of weapons Always Forbidden?

The proliferation of weapon cannot gain much popularity but for a country’s sovereignty sometimes we have to cross the limits. The international laws stop the nations for increased production but they cannot give guarantee that the opponents of any country will not use the weapons.

US Sanctions over the Defense Deals with Russia:

Apparently, the US administration has issued the statements about the sanctions on the countries which try to initiate the deals with Russia in defense or intelligence sectors. But still we saw big violations in this regard when the news came out of a deal between Russia and India. It was a deal of about $5 billion with consideration of S-400 air defense system.

According to “India Today” this defense system can be delivered till 2020. That’s why Pakistani defense experts had to clear their position and a counter-strategy was exposed.  It is very clear; Russia & India have been making plans for extended deals regarding more space cooperation.

Washington’s officials considered New Delhi’s Request:

The US has clearly imposed the sanctions on China when the Chinses government purchased the system from Russia. However, USA is proved to be the second bigger supplier for different types of arms supplies to India. New Delhi requested Washington to give some kind of exception because the purchase deal was mandatory for India’s security.

What’s the basic purpose for the purchase of S-400 missile system?

The chief purpose for this deal is the acquisition of Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) System in favor of India. Pakistan strongly reacts on such types of deals which are the threat for the whole region. All these steps forced Pakistan to prepare a strength that can make any BDM system ineffective in the fastest time. This is what Pakistani missile systems especially the “Babur”, Ababeel and Raad cruise missiles, can do by hitting the targets of the S-400 system with absolutely pinpoint accuracy. Another thing to note is the S-400 Triumf system was not tested against the Pakistani and American missile technology. Tomahawks, the American cruise missile (it can have a range of almost 690 miles) is still considered to be more effective than Russian’s S-400.

Over-Hyped S-400 System Can Be Given “Surprise”:

Pakistani missile technology has a superior edge on the Indian’s defense systems. This S-400 system has been in use for the last 10 years approximately and still it needs improvement. Pakistan’s best masterpiece to destroy the full range of this Russian system is “Ababeel”. It is very fast warhead carrier with 100% accuracy. Indian and Russian officials have made a secret plan to put the pressure on Pakistani government and they used this deal as their hidden weapon. But a strong reply they got from the Pak defense scientists.

Pakistani cruise missile Babur has some common features which exist in Tomahawk as revealed by Catherine McArdle Kelleher. Catherine is a senior American national security advisor who pointed out the similarities between the two cruise missiles. The technological edge of cruise missiles is more than the ballistic missiles. So, it is very clear now that Pakistani missile defense technology can conquer S-400 with its advanced cruise missile system. Let us narrate some features for Babur cruise missile.

  • Air and sea launch proficient missile
  • Terrain Contour Matching (TERCOM)
  • The confirmed range is 700 KM
  • Digital Scene Matching
  • Low flying capability
  • 5km over-sea flight capability
  • nuclear-capable missile

Raad or Hatf VIII Can Also Counter Attack S-400:

RAAD is another wonderful missile technology by Pakistani defense scientists. Our enemy is under pressure after knowing the features which we are going to share with our readers as well. Obviously, we cannot reveal all the secret features here but let us discuss some of them which are as follows:


  1. advanced air-launched cruise missile (ALCM
  2. range of 350km
  3. self-navigating technology
  4. capacity to fly through non-ballistic altitude
  5. powerful system to avoid radar detection

Ababeel Yet Another Strong Reply to Enemy:

Ababeel is considered as a great achievement for the nation. It makes us feel proud of our defense capacity.  It is also equipped with fabulous features which should be discussed. So, let us read some of them:

  • Use of MIRV Technology
  • a surface-to-surface missile with 2,200 km range
  • capacity to launch multiple warheads

International powers want to weaken Pakistan within the world community. However, in 2017 Pakistan had completed the successful experiment (surface to surface) to fire the multiple warheads.  The S-400 cannot beat the MIRV technology and indeed it will remain as a big threat for India.

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