Pakistan Navy Response

Pakistan Navy’s Plucky Response to Indian Submarine


Karachi news officials reveal that on Tuesday morning, our Pakistan Navy has thwarted the intrusion of Indian Submarine into Pakistani waters.
In an interview, the Pakistan Navy’s spokesman has valiantly praised the efforts and skills of Pakistan Naval Force by haltering the Indian Submarine. After detecting the Indian Submarine. Pakistan Navy has stopped its intrusion into the Pakistani waters quite heroically. He asserted, “Indian submarine’s attempt of not letting us detect them and roam in our waters undetected was foiled by Pakistan Navy. We could have targeted the submarine, but due to the government’s policy of letting the peace prevail, we opted against it”.

Since 2016, it was for the second time that Pakistan Navy has successfully encountered Indian invasion into Pakistani waters.

Explaining the heroism and valiance of Pakistan Navy, the spokesperson further stated that we are 24/7 prepared to face the challenges bravely. Having no fear of defeat we are ready to give you a tit-for-tat response.

He claimed, “Pakistan Navy is always ready to defend its boundaries and possesses the potential of giving an overwhelming response to an intruder.”

The news is getting viral on social media. Everybody seemed to comment on another defeat of India and the victory of our Pakistan Navy Force.

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