Pakistan Sci-Tech Event

Pakistan Sci-Tech Event: Invitied Gates, Zuckerberg, and Musk


Fawad Chaudry, the Science & Technology Minister disclosed at a press conference that worldwide tech leaders have been invited to attend the Sci-tech conference during October.

It remains an open question whether they will actually be present at the conference.

Minister Chaudry said that Pakistan had sent invitations to Bill Gates, Microsoft Corporation’s key founder, Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Facebook and Elon Musk Tesla’s owner to attend Pakistan’s Sci-Tech conference.

Chaudry said this is the first time that invitations were sent by the Sci-Tech ministry of Pakistan to the globe’s topmost tech companies to attend its upcoming conference dubbed ‘Think Future’.

He added that the goal of this conference is to portray Pakistan’s science & technology potential to the world.

The Sci-Tech conference will take place on 17 October, coinciding with Sir Syed Ahmed Khan’s birthday anniversary. He was a leading Muslim, writer, reformer, and educationist from British India during the 19th century.

Chaudry made an announcement that anybody who wants to exhibit their innovations must be prepared for the great Sci-tech fair. He added that the fair’s entries were opened since 1 July.

He stated that entrants who come forward with a creative business idea will be granted a 70 – 100% loan to execute their ideas.

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