crashed air craft indian

Pakistan Strikes back – Pakistan Shoots down Indian Aircrafts


Indian Air Force strikes at Monday night by violating the Line of Control between Pakistan and India.  On Tuesday, General Asif Ghafoor responded in these words, “I said three things: you will never be able to surprise us and we have not been surprised. We were ready, we responded, we denied. I said we will retain the escalation ladder. We have that initiative in our hand. I am saying that we will surprise you. Wait for that surprise. Our response will be different. See it for yourself.”

Now he proved his words. We have surprised India as their two of the fighter jets were being destroyed by PAF valiantly. Yes, this was the response we were warning you time and again.

Two Indian aircrafts were destroyed. One of these aircrafts fell in AJ&K while other was spotted inside IOK.


crashed air craft indian


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