Pakistan to always surprise India

‘Pakistan to always surprise India,’ DG ISPR


Rawalpindi: On Thursday, DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor has warned the Indian army and government to be sensible in the use of words and they should avoid irresponsible statements.

‘Pakistan to always surprise India

During his farewell talk to the media, DG ISPR said that Indian military leadership should talk sense because Pakistan can surprise India at any time. Explaining the importance of peace in the region he stated,

“The civil and military leadership of Pakistan desire peace in the region without compromising on the country’s sovereignty, while the Indian leaders should also be aware of the importance of peace in the region.”

Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi

A few days back, Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi has conveyed a problematic statement against Pakistan in which he said that “Indian leadership says it will destroy Pakistan in 7-10 days.”

Referring to his irresponsible statement he said, “I want to tell them that Pakistan Army will always continue to give you surprises.”

He further questioned Modi, “How a (Indian) military which could not suppress freedom movement of 80 million Kashmiris, can finish Pakistan of 210 million people in seven to 10 days?”

Well, he is quite right in saying so. Indian atrocities in Kashmir are growing day after day and the international community is silent over it.

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