Pakistan to Get $722 Million Loan

Pakistan to Get $722 Million Loan from World Bank


There are so much uncertainty and issues in the country like shortage of water, electricity problem, inflation etc. To overcome these major issues the Pakistani government, take major steps. The Pakistani government gets 722$ million loan from the world bank to meet the basic requirement of the country.

However, it needs billions of dollars in order to overcome the major issues, but it is the good initial for the country. To make the province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa more attractive for the tourist, the world bank grant further 70$ million loan to this province. It is good for the country as increase in the beauty of the province results more visitors which ultimate results more foreign exchange.

The major loan of 652$ million spent on the Karachi city. This city needs lots of development work and this amount is good step to make this city better. The loan taken on Karachi projects will mainly focus on followings:

  • Urban management
  • public transport
  • safe and clean water for the people of Karachi
  • Good sanitation condition

There are also many other problems in which Karachi is suffering which include taxation, waste management etc. With this loan money many issues will be resolved, and it will be good for the Pakistan.

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