Pakistan Welcomes World Cup Trophy 2019

Pakistan Welcomes World Cup Trophy 2019 3RD Time in Lahore


12th Edition of ICC Cricket Cup

Some imperative questions arise in our mind when we hear or talk about winning team trophy. This would be fascinating to read at LogicalPoint.

  1. Can we take this trophy in 2019?
  2. Will we depend again on prayers only?
  3. Have we completed working strategy?
  4. Do we deserve World Cup Final Win as a team?

So, these are the decisive questions that should be addressed at chief Pak cricket forums. Now, we also have seen the grandeur Cup ceremony in Islamabad and Lahore respectively. The diehard fans grouped at both events and claimed, “we love Pakistan and need the Cricket Cup in our beloved land’.

How Many Times England Hosted the Mega Cricket Event?

England hosted the big cricket game competition 4 times already in the following years

  • 1975
  • 1979
  • 1983
  • 1999

Coca cola was doing arrangements for the “the grand cup voyage”. The thing is that every country has a same wish to be declared as “winner” in the tour (30 May to 14 July) 2019 but the real peanut will touch the hands of a team which focused on these points.

  • Own strengths & weaknesses
  • Opponent players’ profiles
  • B plans to counter adverse situation
  • All-encompassing rational approach

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