PM Imran Khan

Pakistani Awam is calling Imran Khan a hypocrite after increasing Petrol Prices


As per the recent sources, the government has just issued a notice on Sunday in which petrol prices have been increased by 6 rupees per litre. gov increase petrol price
According to an article, petrol and diesel have been set to Rs. 6 per litre while Kerosene and light diesel oil are to be increased by 3 rupees per litre, effective immediately. This is a huge difference in pricing and the highest it’s been in the last 9 to 10 months.
Under this debate, the Pakistani Awam is calling PM Imran Khan a hypocrite for increasing petrol prices which he has once condemned during the reign of Nawaz Sharif. They are completely floored at this move of the government.

Moreover, the cherry on top of that is that the government is likely to increase electricity and gas rates as well. Bechari Awaam! People are certainly not happy with the Government’s decision.

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