Pakistani Child Actors in dramas

Pakistani Child Actors in Dramas


Pakistani drama industry has now become a major subject to discuss among the masses. What makes it more vivid and exciting among the viewers is the selection of the actors and artists. There is no doubt that we have some very talented and versatile actors in our entertainment industry.

Pakistani Child Actors

Some of these actors have been serving their qualities and talents even at a very young age. Started from the very young age of almost 6 or 7, several Pakistani child actors have proven that you can be a great actor and star at any age. There is a number of Pakistani child actors who have nailed their performances and achieved a high position in life that many of the adult actors are still unable to find.

These child stars in Pakistan has managed to steal the limelight and are performing some really brilliant and promising characters.

Pakistani Child Actors in Dramas

The team LogicalBaat has shortened the list of some of the very famous Pakistani Child Actors in dramas who have never disappointed as in any avatar. So, let’s spare a quick glance at these child actors and their works,

  • Shees Sajjad Gul
  • Pehlaaj Hassan as Young Momin
  • Abdul Rehman Kashan
  • Maryam Khalif
  • Emaan Sheikh
  • Abdur Rehman Sheikh
  • Hoorain
  • Zuhab Khan
  • Sara Kashif

Shees Sajjad Gul as Roomi

Shees Sajjad Gul as Roomi

Shees Sajjad Gul has started his acting career from blockbuster drama serial ‘Meray Pass Tum Ho’. This serial has been the most high-rated one in the history of ARY Digital.

While appearing as Roomi in the drama serial, he has made a strong position for himself in the drama industry. He has been shown as the only son of Mehwish (Ayeza Khan) and Danish (Humayun Saeed).

Though their parents have parted ways, he never stops trying to bring them back together. He makes efforts to find a wife for his father as well. For this purpose, he proposed his school teacher Miss Hania (Hira Mani) on the behalf of his father.

His powerful expressions and innocent question/answer sessions during the drama serial have made him the most wanted one. He has certainly done a remarkable performance. The leading cast of the show has got a lot of popularity, but it was Roomi who was also the most talked about for his superb acting skills.

The audience and his fans are excited to see him again in a prominent role. There are rumors that both Humayun and Shees have been performing together in another drama serial. Well, if that’s true then there is gonna be a blast again.

Pehlaaj Hassan as Young Momin

Pehlaaj Hassan is the son of famous actor cum host Iqrar-ul-Hassan. His debut drama serial ‘Alif’ marked his brilliant acting. Alif has been a super hit of the era. It was such a star-studded drama serial that features Pehlaaj Hassan’s promising personality as well.

In this drama serial, he essayed the role of young Momin. To be really honest, after seeing him as the young Momin, one thing is quite certain that he was the perfect selection of the team Alif. He has don his role so perfectly that people are demanding him to appear in upcoming Pakistani drama serials as well.

The drama serial features Hamza Ali Abbasi as an adult Momin who keeps on dreaming about his childhood along with his mother and father.

Abdul Rehman Kashan as Rohan in Saibaan

Abdul Rehman Kashan is another famous child star in Pakistan who has made people fall in love with his expressions and intense acting skills. To give a natural performance that is full of emotions is something really difficult even for the adult actors in the industry.

However, Abdul Rehman Kashan has proved that he is the next shining star of the Pakistani drama industry. He has been seen in donning promising roles in his drama serials. His performance in drama serial ‘Saibaan’ has earned him a lot of appreciation from the audience.

He has been shown as Rohan, the elder brother of two sisters. Their parents have died and they are living miserably.

Being shown as an orphan, though he was not, he has given some really powerful scenes to the audience of the show. While stealing the limelight, he is all set to make wonders in the Pakistani entertainment industry. His fans and the public are quite eager to see him once again in a promising character.

Maryam Khalif

Maryam Khalif is a very beautiful Pakistani child star who has started her acting career from a hit drama serial ‘Parchayian’. The drama serial aired on ARY Digital. She is hailed for her innocent expressions and remarkable acting skills.

At a very young age of only 7 years, she has gained a lot of love and appreciation from the masses. She has also appeared in many other Pakistani drama serials like “Bashar Momin and Bobo” and receives the same amount of affection and acclaim from her fans.

Her fans are looking forward to seeing her again in drama serials.

Emaan Sheikh as Damsa

Emaan Sheikh is another aspiring Pakistani child actor who has left a strong impact on the audience with her staller performance in the drama serial Damsa.

She has done a remarkable performance in the show. She also received a huge amount of appreciation for doe some a brilliant role.

The drama serial relates the story and efforts of a woman who never stops looking for her daughter Damsa who has been kidnapped. Meanwhile, Damsa also tries her best to run away from the place where the kidnappers have placed her with some other children. The drama serial was covering a major subject of child kidnapping and how they have been forcefully urged to beg in the streets and crowded areas of the cities.

Damsa’s mother keeps on trying and at the very end becomes successful in freeing her daughter from the kidnappers.

Emaan Sheikh has been very outstanding in her performance. She will certainly be a successful actor in the coming years.

Abdur Rehman Sheikh

Abdur Rehman Sheikh has been known for his remarkable performance in the film ‘Adrishya’. It is worth noticing that it was the debut film of the young actor and he has received the ‘Best Young Actor Award’ for this.

Having such a powerful start, this famous child actor is making waves in Pakistan’s entertainment industry. His fans and the rest of the public is wanted to see him appear in the drama serials as well.

Hoorain as Aleena in Bandish

Hoorain is such an excellent Pakistani child actor who has earned a great name for herself from giving a superb performance in drama serial ‘Bandish’. She has been shown as the youngest daughter who has been under the spell of black magic.

She has done a great job for sure.

Moreover, she also appeared in drama serial ‘Saibaan’. In this serial, she has been shown as an orphan who struggles really hard and faced a lot of problems in her life.

Zuhab Khan

Zuhab Khan is Pakistan’s famous child actor who appeared in many drama serials. Within a short period of time, he has shown his excellent skills as an actor.

While acting in Man Ke Moti and Na Kaho, he has proved his versatility and skills before the world. He is also geared up for some other upcoming projects.

So, these were some of the really aspiring Pakistani child actors in dramas who have been winning the hearts of the public. These child actors are surely going to be the superheroes in the coming years.

Famous Pakistani Child Actors in Dramas
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Famous Pakistani Child Actors in Dramas
Pakistani drama industry has now become a major subject to discuss among the masses.
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