Pakistani father and son martyred in their attempt to stop mosque shooting


Rashid, who belonged to Abbottabad, Pakistan, was badly injured during his struggle to overpower the shooter. Late Friday night he has breathed his last. His son Talha Naeem was among those who were killed in Al Noor Mosque mass firing.

According to the foreign office reports, four Pakistani nationals were severely injured during the attack while five were missing following the shootings.

The Christchurch mosques mass firing resulted in the death of at least 49 Muslims who gathered there to perform Namaz-e-Jumah on Friday.

The right-wing extremist was taken to the police custody and appeared in the court on Saturday under murder charge.

The Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said on Saturday that most of the victims belong to the Muslim world. Turkey, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Malaysia were rendering consular assistance. One Saudi citizen was also killed while other get wounded. According to the Jordanian news channels, two Jordanians were also among the dead ones.

PM further stated that the shooter neither have any criminal record nor he was on any watchlist. He has legally bought his weapons. “The offender was in possession of a gun licence obtained in November 2017, and he started purchasing the weapons the following month,” she stated.

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