Pakistani Major Fozia Perveen

Pakistani Major Fozia Perveen makes the country proud after serving in UN mission


Pakistani Major Fozia Perveen makes our country proud after serving in the United Nation’s mission which was held in Cyprus.

She along with other female military officers has accomplished the task successfully.

Maleeha Lodhi who has been performing her services as Pakistan representative to the United Nations has recently lauded our nation’s brave female officer Fozia Perveen in UN peacekeeping mission.

She took to her twitter handle and wrote in these words, “We are proud of our female (and male) peacekeepers who serve in UN Missions. Major Fozia Perveen is serving in the UN mission in Cyprus (UNFICYP), seen here on a patrol in the Buffer Zone. Picture thanks to the UN.”

maleeha lodhi tweet Pakistani Major Fozia Parveen

Maleeha Lodhi has also delivered some golden words while debating on ‘Women in Peacemaking’. She stated, “We believe, increased participation of female peacekeepers, and encouraging more women to take up mediation roles helps in the stabilization and reconstruction phases of conflicts.”

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