Pakistani Missile Shaheen III Can Destroy Til Abib in 12 Minutes


Gen. (Rtd) Ghulam Mustafa disclosed a fact that Pakistani Shaheen III missile has an ability to destroy the whole piece of land names as Til Abib. It is a big danger for that area. Pakistani scientists proved their capability and once again highlighted the power in this area. We need such strengths obviously to overcome each potential risk and fear. This Shaheen Missile is enough to have a strong impact on nations.

He also told that Shaheen-III missile is 18 times faster than the speed of voice. On 27-28 Feb night Indian TVs were claiming that Pakistani are ready to launch the missiles against the target countries. They were in a view to put pressure on Pakistan to stop every move in this field.

Another thing to note is that on same night 28 Feb, USA was busy in handing over the Air 3 missile to Israel. Now, the question is why do they need such types of weapons?

Let us tell you this Pakistani powerful Shaheen III missile can hit Til Abib as well as Ireland. When every country looks dedicated in developing their defense strategy then we are also free to devise our own way. Intentions get secondary importance when your competitors announce success in missile or bomb technology. That’s why Pakistan made such weapons to make sure our safety.

Who was Involved in Palwama Attack:

He further added that the Palwama attack affected Pakistan in multiple dimensions but everyone must know, the planning was made in Afghanistan by RAW and Israel. Another super power was involved in it but people feel afraid of exposing its name. Its none other than USA. So, if anyone wish to target any of our areas then we are all ready to surprise them with superior attack.

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