Pakistan’s boycott threat puts India on backfoot for Asia Cup 2023.

The Asia Cup 2023 is in danger of being boycotted by Pakistan, which has led India to contemplate a “hybrid model” for the event.
The suggested solution is for the other teams to play their games in Pakistan while India would play in a different country under the “hybrid model” proposal.

The BCCI declined playing in the UAE because of hot weather and suggested Sri Lanka instead as a potential host country for the Asia Cup 2023. Oman was also proposed by Pakistan, while England was considered but is far away. Talks are ongoing, and a final schedule is anticipated to be released in the next 4-5 days.
The PCB did not agree to the idea of changing the host country, and discussions are continuing to finalize the Asia Cup 2023 schedule.
The board has a firm stance on the upcoming World Cup, stating that if India doesn’t participate in the Asia Cup, the Pakistan team won’t go to India for the World Cup.

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Discussions are ongoing about possibly replacing Pakistan as the host for the Asia Cup with either Sri Lanka or Bangladesh. The hope is that in two years, India-Pakistan relations may have improved, and the tournament could be held in Pakistan again.
The PCB officials rejected the idea of withdrawing from hosting the Asia Cup and replacing it with Sri Lanka or Bangladesh. They stated that if this were to happen, the event should be held without Pakistan’s participation.
Pakistan prioritized their fans’ sentiments over financial gain, despite the possible financial loss, according to the country’s stance.
Pakistan has already earned substantial revenue from the PSL and wouldn’t accept moving the Asia Cup to a neutral venue entirely.

The PCB acknowledged India’s worries during the meeting but stressed the need for a solution as significant events such as the World Cup and Champions Trophy are on the horizon.

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