Pakistan’s Great Victory, Rohit Sharma Could Not Digest, See The Insult He Faced


Indian Opener Rohit Sharma feels jealousy for Pakistan’s victory against New Zealand at Birmingham yesterday.

Rohit posted a pic of Champions Trophy 2013 with the wrong hashtag of “Champion Trophy 2017” on Social Media. Many Indian social Media users criticized strongly on posting the wrong year and said that India won Champion Trophy in 2013 while Pakistan defeated India in 2017.

Critics said that Rohit expressed his jealousy on the day of Pakistan cricket team’s great victory against New Zealand at World Cup match. Its an alarming situation for all teams that Green Shirts are back in form.

Indian players started feelings a kind of pressure at this time. Raina also replied Rohit that indeed some memories are for a long time but these would be of 2013 Champion Trophy.

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