Pakistan’s Typical 3G Speed at 3.3Mbps Representing One of the Lowest Worldwide


OpenSignal, a wireless network-mapping company, published a global report which pointed out Pakistan has an overall typical connectivity of both 3G & 4G networks of 3.33Mbps, whilst it has a network availability of 63.47%,

OpenSignal: Courtesy

In the report which is titled ‘Global State of Mobile, Networks’, the company disclosed 95 different countries’, mobile data performance, which includes Pakistan.

This report is ranking countries in 4 different divisions, which include: overall speed provided, 3G & 4G networks’ accessibility, time spent to connect to WIFI and speed versus accessibility.

This defines the median mobile data connection accessible to a user. This division is measuring the overall speed which is encountered over networks.

However, South Korea was first, with 41.34 Mbps as overall speed. Compared to them, Pakistan came in just under Togo with 3.33Mbps.

Accessibility of Mobile Networks

For this category, the criteria was to observe for which percentage of time it was possible for users to have connectivity to a 3G-or even better signal.

The report stated, a 3G or even better signal can be a helpful standard, since consumers can achieve the most basic tasks with a smartphone, using a 3G connection.

South Korea, once more takes first place, with its 98.54% network availability, with Japan in second place at 95.52%, whilst Israel took third place at 95.23%.

However, Pakistan comparatively ranked lower on this index with its metric 63.47% network accessibility, in comparison with Bangladesh with its 68,71% network availability.

  • Wifi – Time Spent

The Netherlands was clearly the winner, in the index which was measuring the preference of its users about WiFi mobile data, at 70.05%, whilst China was in second place with 63.16%. Pakistan, came in with 34.12%, whilst Ethiopia finished last.

  • Speed versus accessibility

In an index, which measured where speed was charted against accessibility, it portrayed Pakistan, still being in the initial stage of its LTE completion & developments in 3G network coverage.

Other countries included within this group are: Nepal and Iran.

OpenSignal, due to the above-mentioned metrics, had the ability to publish the report, because of the methodology of new data collection.

As per its report, OpenSignal analyzed 12.3 billion measurements, which were taken by its 822,556 users during a period of 84 days.

OpenSignal’s new report, is indicating a remarkable milestone compared to its previous ones, which just took 4G into consideration, a service which was not yet launched in the majority of countries.

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