Parey Hut Love Movie Review

“Parey Hut Love” Movie Review


“Parey Hut Love” a film by Asim Raza, portrayed the essence of true romance and melodrama which follows the track at its best.

During the movie, we have been introduced with 4 chapters and each chapter contains the wedding of one of the characters in the film. Well, this seemed to be a very unique concept. The stunning actress of our industry Maya Ali has taken the role of Sania, an independent girl, settled abroad. She has her own fantasies. On the other hand, the Lollywood heartthrob Sheheryar Munawar is performing the role of Sheheryar who is a carefree guy and doesn’t have much in is life to offer.

The love story between Sania and Sheheryar started when he first meet her at the wedding of one of his cousins. It is pertinent to note that Asim Raza has very brilliantly conveyed the idea of “Love at first sight”. The moment he saw Sania dress traditionally at the wedding, he fell in love with her.  

With best music quality and performances, the very first song of the movie “Ik Pal” marks the grandeur of the entire film.

Each character in Parey Hut Love movie has done his best to offer you a complete package. The film is not just a love centered film but also has a lot more to discuss. You’ll witness, love, emotions, comedy, action and a lot of stuff in this magnificent Eid film.

The life of Sheheryar is miserable as he himself has made it like this. He lives constantly in his past, in his childhood. The scars of his childhood are not letting him live is present life happily.

The role of Ahmed Butt as Arshad and Zara Noor Abbas as Shaboo are a kind of funny ones. They always try their best to settle Sheheryar, so they have been always spotted making efforts for this, even till the end. 

Nadeem Baig has essayed the role of the father of Sania and he is a famous writer as well. The conversation between him and Sania are always the emotional ones. Both father and daughter tried to lessen the pain of each other. He wanted to see her settled and urged her to marry Hasan who is a good guy.

Moreover, we witnessed dance parties, fun, enjoyment, emotions, and action under one film. At one moment, destiny parted the love birds and the entry of Zeena (Mahira Khan) and Hasan shock the lives of both Sania and Sheheryar respectively.

However, as we all know that love eventually finds its way to the loved ones. By the end of the movie, we witnessed how Sheheryar managed to express his love for his lady love Sania. The guy who was not interested in the concept of love was finally admitting his love for Sania. And that was the point where we as the audience were relieved. 

The brilliant performances of both Maya Ali and Sheheryar Munawar have made this film a big hit at the cinemas.

Pakistan film industry is now heading towards exploring more unique concepts and ideas to be introduced before the audience. And I think Asim Raza has very remarkably done this at the big screen with his outstanding characters.

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Parey Hut Love Movie Review
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