Passport renewal fee for overseas Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia, UAE

The affiliated department of the Ministry of Interior’s Directorate General of Immigration & Passports, located in LAHORE, is the appropriate body to issue or renew a Pakistani citizen’s passport.

The applicant may still apply under the renewal category (both domestically and internationally) to obtain a machine-readable passport with an extended validity of five or ten years if the passport has not yet expired but has fewer than twelve months remaining on it.

Documents Required for Processing of Passport through online service

The following documents are required while applying for renewal of Machine Readable Passport through online passport service provided that his/ her current passport is expiring within a period of twelve (12) Months :

Color scanned copies of valid CNIC or NICOP or Smart CNIC or NICOP both sides

Color scanned copies of existing Passport (First two pages and one random page asked by system).

Passport Renewal Fee Update October 2023

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