Pataka Boti Restaurant

Pataka Boti-Your ultimate Desi food Junction

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Are you interested in exploring some unique and unusual locations to set your next dining trip at? Well, it is no wonder to find something that will actually blow your mind up after sparing a glance over it.

Pataka Boti Restaurant

A similar example has been derived from ‘Pataka Boti’ whose yellow signboard with the classic painting of the legendary Sultan Rahi captures the attention of most of the visitors.

Interior & Ambience

First of all, the interior in itself gives a classic outlook to be observed with stairs which are colored having different Punjabi slogans over them.

You’ll get the best of Chinioti stuff here as the chairs and tables are purely made of Chinioti wood. The walls have been decorated with the posters having different classical Punjabi actors. And yes funny too! These posters have actually poor soul to the Punjabi lock versa.

Pataka Boti lahore

Bright and decorated hangings give this place an unusual spot to dine in.

Pataka Boti Food/Menupataka boti menu

Have you ever heard about BBQ being prepared in the tandoor? If not then you’ll witness yourself the taste and flavor of tandoori BBQ as this eatery offers BBQ which is done in tandoor instead of BBQ pit. Whoa!tikka boti

pataka boti platter price

Among BBQ items, Malai boti, Sheeshtauk, and Pataka Boti are their specialties. Mark my words, this restaurant is really amazing in offering BBQ items that you have never tried at any spot earlier.

Traditional cuisines including, Makhni Handi and chicken Handi are also available. The buttery and tasteful handi is enough to give this spot 5 out of 5. Makhni Handi and chicken Handi

Pataka Boti is an eatery that really deserved to be visited at least once. I would strongly recommend all the desi foodies out there to plan their next trip at this amazing location.


300-k phase, 90 Defence Road, Sector K DHA Phase 1, Lahore, Punjab.

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