PCB offers clarification on live streaming, betting rights in PSL 5


The Pakistan Cricket Board has provided clarification on the live broadcast and betting rights during the fifth edition of the Pakistan Super League.

Previously, it was reported that PCB gave its commercial rights to a company that later signed an agreement with a foreign betting company for the edition now suspended from the competition. Bets were placed online from countries where the practice is legal during PSL 5.

In a statement, the PCB said: “The Pakistan Cricket Board categorically denies and rejects the claim that it entered into or allowed any of its trading partners to enter into any betting rights contract or agreement with any entity.”

However, the PCB admitted that its global media rights partner granted live streaming rights to a betting company.

“The facts are that HBL PSL’s live broadcast rights outside of Pakistan were awarded under an international tender to an international company for three editions of HBL PSL from 2019 to 2021. The global media rights partner, without following Due process approval gave live streaming rights to a betting company. As soon as the matter reached PCB’s notice, it immediately contacted the media rights partner and correspondence in this regard is ongoing, “added the PCB statement.
PSL’s entire fifth edition was scheduled to be held in Pakistan for the primary time. However, thanks to the coronovirus (COVID-19) outbreak round the world, the event was suspended just before the semi-finals to make sure the security of everyone involved the tournament.

The move came after a far off player, who traveled back to his country, reported symptoms of the coronavirus.

The PCB then conducted the tests of 128 players, officials and support staff but all the reports came out negative.

The PCB hasn’t yet announced the schedule for the rest of the event.

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