PCB potential overhaul looming

Changes in the leadership of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) typically result in corresponding transformations across different departments. This trend is anticipated to continue in the near future. During Najam Sethi’s tenure, the implementation of the old constitution resulted in the removal of Faisal Hasnain from his role as CEO. Instead, he was appointed as the head of the Special Projects department, marking a significant shift in responsibilities.

Hasnain and Ashraf are currently in South Africa, with CEO Salman Naseer representing PCB at the ICC meeting. Hasnain is there to offer suggestions on the revenue-sharing model. Sources
Efforts are being made by influential figures to protect Naila Bhatti’s employment as the PSL commissioner. Bhatti had a close association with Najam Sethi. However, the prospects of her retaining the position appear dim. Before leaving, the former chairman of the management committee promoted certain officials. Nevertheless, their performance will be thoroughly evaluated, and those who were promoted without merit may be demoted to their previous positions.

This is published in logicalbaat, on 11 July, 2023.

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