PCB Reverses fine on Azam Khan for ‘Palestine’ Comment Following Intense Public Pressure

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) decided to cancel the fine given to Azam Khan after looking into the matter more closely.

Reports say Azam Khan didn’t follow the rules (Article 2.4 of the PCB’s Code of Conduct) despite being told by an umpire. In a short statement, the PCB said, “We’ve canceled the 50% fine Azam Khan got from match officials.”

They explained, “Azam didn’t follow the rules during a match, violating Article 2.4 of the PCB Code of Conduct, which is about not listening to an umpire.”

During a National T20 Cup match in Karachi between Karachi Whites and Lahore Blues, Azam Khan got a 50% fine for breaking the PCB’s code of conduct.

Remember, players can’t wear or show things on their gear without permission from the player or Team Officials Association and the PCB Cricket Operations and Department.

On the same day, lots of people on Twitter criticized the PCB’s rules, especially when it comes to players supporting Palestine.

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