PCB Will Spend 1 Billion Rupees for domestic season 2019-2020


PCB has announced to spend about 1 billion rupees for the domestic season 2019-2020. It is decided for new cricket structure in Pakistan.

PCB is going to spend about 1 billion rupees and the purpose of this heavy amount is to bring the wonderful and experienced cricketers so that they may compete with international players in international events.

In domestic season every player has a full right to earn and to show his performance because each cricketer which has been nominated in domestic cricket season can earn up to 20 lakhs per year.

Similarly, the winning amount for Quaid-e-Azam Trophy has also been increased and it is now up to 10 Million Rupees. The national T20 tournament is now being organized with the new winning amount. There is an increase of almost 100% in the winning amount thus it will encourage the cricketers especially those cricketers who do not belong to rich families.

How Much Each Player Can Earn Per Year?

With the increased amount now they can establish themselves. It is also important to know, if a player has a domestic Central contract then he can earn almost 600000 rupees per year and if the players travel around the country or if they travel from one City to another City then they will have the facility of free travel through airlines. The journey cost of airline travel will be free during the domestic season.

The players can stay in 3 star and 4 star hotels thus it is another good news for cricketers who spend their whole life to make a career and to serve the nation. We should expect now; each player will try his best to give more than 100% because our nation cannot afford a lot of expenses.  We need to save money and if we are spending money on for the domestic cricket system then every participant of the domestic season 2019-2020 must give full performance.

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