People acquiring the viral disease from those returning from abroad


Karachi: Sindh health authorities on Monday shared the total number of Coronavirus cases that reached to 150 after 104 more patients were tested positive for the virus.

Authorities revealed that dozens of people were kept in isolation wards who have returned from Iran and are staying at Sukkur. Moreover, Karachi has experienced many cases of people-to-people transmission.

An official of the Sindh Health Department informed that,

“The total number of Coronavirus cases in Sindh has jumped to 150 after 106 more pilgrims from Iran, who are being quarantined at Sukkur after reaching there from Taftan, tested positive on Monday.”

In Karachi, the total number of cases rose to 30 on Monday. The worst part about COVID-19 is the people-to-people transmission that is happening right now in Karachi. People are suffering from viral diseases.

Hyderabad has also experienced a positive case of the coronavirus. 150 more patients are tested for the virus and are being separated from the general public. Their tests are conducted at three health facilities including the Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH), Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) and Indus Hospital, Karachi.

Infected people who have returned from the UK, Iraq, Syria and Saudi Arabia are walking around the country spreading the virus in the masses.

There should be a strict check and balance at the airport. Airport security should make sure that no infected person would enter the country.

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