Arsal being the worst husband

People are really obsessed with Arsal being the worst husband in Suno Chanda 2


arsal and iqra aziz suno chanda

Pakistan’s heartthrob and acclaimed actor Farhan Saeed is doing an excellent performance in his currently trending drama serial Suno Chanda 2. Being the worst husband, Farhan Saeed has successfully completed his character demands.

However, it seemed that people are not liking him for being that kind of husband who is not even concern for the happiness of his wife rather he is trying to spilt water on her plans of moving to London.

As we all know that Suno Chanda 2 is a family show portraying the dilemmas and melodrama the whole family is subjected to.

The male chauvinism and gender superiority that is currently going on in Suno Chanda have made people wonder about the existence of Farhan Saeed being a husband.

It is no wonder to see Jiya and Arsal fighting like cats and dogs. But what that specific male dominance is showing now?

Arsal is actually shown obsessed with Jiya’s decision of studying abroad i.e. London. And his reaction over the issue has actually made people obsessed with his character. What an irony!

He is not supporting her in her dreams rather he is always seen belittling her. Showing her that she can’t do it. She is in the hands of misery.

People started questioning their relationship. Marriages should not be like this.

In the recent episode, we have witnessed Jiya’s deteriorating health which all the family members misunderstood with pregnancy. Due to her poor health conditions, her father immediately cancels her ticket.

It was very sorrowful for Jiya. She insisted her father and other family members let her go to London but her father strictly asked her that only Arsal will decide what should be done in this condition.suno chanda season 2

Well, in my opinion, fans are actually right in stating all this. Arsal should have shown his positive concerns for his wife’s dreams rather than belittling her. This is how happy marriages work. This is how a partner should react.

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