'People lose importance once their leader withdraws support,’ Zulfi Bukhari

‘People lose importance once their leader withdraws support,’ Zulfi Bukhari


Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Overseas Pakistanis Zulfi Bukhari said on Wednesday that “Anyone who goes against the vision of the premier will lose his importance.”

While stating this, he was referring to the report given by the FIR on wheat and sugar crisis. According to the FIR report, senior PTI member Jahangir Tareen and the brother of former minister for food security Khusro Bakhtiar were found to be involved in wheat and sugar profiteering.

Bukhari declared that “People lose their importance once their leader withdraws his support. Only those who are backed by the leader hold importance.”

Earlier, the prime minister, himself, has said that he will take strict action against those who will be found responsible for the hike in prices of sugar and wheat.

He tweeted,

“I await the detailed forensic reports now by the high-powered commission, which will come out on 25 April, before taking action.”

Meanwhile, Jahangir Tareen has defended himself saying that if the FIR reports will come against him then he will challenge those reports.

He said that he would challenge the entire investigation committee.

He declared, “I’m in constant contact with the prime minister and I stand by him. 20,000 tons of sugar to utilities stores at Rs67 a kilo, saving the people Rs250 million.”

“If I had not sold sugar at Rs67 a kilo, I’d have donated Rs250 million to the Prime Minister’s Corona Relief Fund,” he further added.

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