Peshawar High Court Suspends notification

Peshawar High Court Suspends notification of 5 Special Assistants and Advisors


Peshawar: Peshawar High Court has suspended the notification of appointments for 5 Special Assistants to Chief Minister and Advisors. The change has not yet arrived there in Peshawar so that’s why appointments should be on merit only.

Justice Ikramullah announced the judgment on an application filed by Khushdil Khan MPA of ANP. According to reports, Ajmal Wazir,Zia Banguish,Abdulkareem,Himayat ullah, and Kamran Bangush were appointed Special Assistant and Advisor to Chief Minister of NWFP.

Can they serve the people of Peshawar?

The roles of each person were not defined clearly. What will be the job descriptions? How can they serve the people of Peshawar? What kinds of projects were they supposed to manage? No clear roles and responsibilities were mentioned before the announcement. This is the reason there has been a situation of doubts in the appointments and thus they held an unconstitutional approach.

Please also note that ANP MPA Khushdil Khan challenged this notification in Peshawar High Court which resulted in the suspension of the new appointments. The next hearing will be on July 26, 2019, where the KPK governor and CM along with his advisors will give comments. All public seats have heavy responsibility; they cannot be distributed as gifts to oblige any person without any due consideration.

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