Petrol prices increased by Rs 5.15 per liter


A notification has been issued by the federal government on Wednesday which mentioned an increased in the prices of all petroleum products.

The notification has been scheduled for the month of August.

Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) has recommended a certain increase in the prices of all the petroleum products. Acting upon Ogra’s recommendations, the federal government has announced to increase the patrol prices by Rs5.15 per litre. While the price for the High Speed Diesel (HSD) is increased by Rs5.65 per litre.

Moreover, the price of kerosene was increased by Rs5.38 and Rs8.90 for Light Diesel Oil (LDO).

With the due increase in the price of patrol, it reaches to 117.83 per litre from 112.68 per litre. While high Speed Diesel was increased to Rs132.47 per litre from Rs126.82 per litre.

Likewise, the price of LDO has been increased to Rs97.52 per litre from the previous rate of Rs88.62. while the kerosene price was increased to Rs103.84 per litre from Rs98.46 per litre.

Ogra has also issued a notification to the federal government earlier on Tuesday which determined all the calculations on the petroleum products prices.

This new price hike in the petroleum products will surely leave a direct impact on the citizens.

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