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PIA grounded plane was fixed Under Norway’s frosting temperature


A team of engineers was being sent to Oslo from Pakistan to fix a grounded PIA plane.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) engineers and other ground handling manpower bravely face the challenge of fixing up the grounded plane under quite a freezing temperature of Norway. The whole repairing process took 4 hours as the aircraft has experienced a technical glitch in the engine.

The PIA aircraft (Boeing 777), which was destined to depart from Oslo to Lahore, has encountered a technical fault in the engine. Fortunately, the engineers who carried out the maintenance and repairing work, have refused to make the plane airworthy on account of the severe weather conditions.

On reported about the fault, a team of engineers was assigned to fly to Oslo from Pakistan to meet the problem. After arriving at Oslo, it took 3-4 hours for the engineers to fix the aircraft under such a freezing temperature. They remained successful in making the aircraft airworthy.

pia engineer fix freezing temperature

More than 200 passengers were provided with hotel accommodation by the airline.

While lauding the engineers, PIA CEO Air Marshal Arshad Malik has announced the certificates of appreciation to award the engineers for their struggle. His statement goes on saying that the engineers put their lives at risk to make the aircraft airworthy to bring it back to Pakistan.

It was quite a piece of relieving and positive news for PIA who were all worry for the encountered fault.

PIA plane was fixed in Norway


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