Places to Visit in Islamabad


The capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad is, for sure, an epitome of beauty. The beautiful landscape of Islamabad has been attracting many tourists for years. There are lush family parks, historic ruins, avant-garde supermarkets, crowded clubs for the youth, and some cultural and traditional spots to witness.

Beautiful city in Pakistan

Islamabad is hailed as the 2nd most beautiful city in the world. Visiting the city will surely make you realize how beautiful Pakistan is. The city has preserved the cultural and traditional values of the country. So, if you ever planned to travel to this land, do not forget to enjoy its stunning and adorable destinations.

Places to Visit in Islamabad

The team LogicalBaat has curated the list of top 8 attracted Places to Visit in Islamabad. If you ever happened to this beautiful city, don’t forget to visit these places to experience the culture and tradition of our country.

Here are these remarkable locations in Islamabad,

  • The Pakistan Monument
  • The Lok Virsa Museum
  • Monal Restaurant
  • Faisal Mosque
  • Saidpur Village
  • Margalla Hills
  • Damn-e-Koh Park
  • Rawal Lake

Let’s discuss the beauties of these attractions in detail!

The Pakistan Monument

The Pakistan Monument serves great importance in the history of Pakistan. The beauty of the Pakistan Monument can be enjoyed only by arriving first. Meaning thereby is that you should visit this location in the early hours of the morning when the place is less crowded.

Arriving early at this location will be beneficial as you will be able to visit each corner and explore more and more beauty of this place. Within a short period, this place gets crowded with natives and tourists and then there will be no chances of enjoying freely and leisurely around the place.

The Lok Virsa Museum

The Lok Virsa Museum is another sight to witness and exploring Pakistan’s cultural heritage. As the name suggested, this place is traditionally designed to mark the cultural and traditional aspects of the country. One interesting thing is that it is located only a few kilometers from the Pakistan Monument.

The Lok Virsa Museum is considered a great museum that preserves the history, culture, tradition, and art in itself. This museum showcases some beautiful pieces of pottery, art, religious statues, and musical instruments. An enjoying walk inside and outside the garden will be an advantage for the tourists to grasp the beauty of the place.

Monal Restaurant

The beautiful view of the Islamabad city can be experienced at the top of the Monal Restaurant. This restaurant is getting popularity and interests of the tourists because of the alluring sight it offers of Islamabad. Monal restaurant serves both traditional and western flavors to its visitors with a very exciting presentation. However, the food at this point is quite expensive and less flavorful.

A new trend for wedding arrangements has been set in this restaurant. Recently, Pakistan actors Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar got married and the venue was Islamabad’s lush green Monal Restaurant.

Monal Restaurant is surely a sight to see with the double advantage of exploring the beautiful view of the city as well.

Faisal Mosque

Faisal Mosque is our religious heritage and a commonly known landmark of the city. The place is best to visit during the sunset when there is calm and everything is about to close down. The beauty of the Faisal Mosque lies in its architect.

It is hailed as the largest mosque in Pakistan that can easily serve 100,000 people and 200,000 worshipers in the courtyard. It doesn’t follow the typical dome-style exterior that usually mosques have. Rather it is designed with unique ideas and modern styles.

It is also called the ‘desert-tented’ and ‘iconic’ mosque of the country. The place can be spotted within the beautiful margalla hills.

Saidpur Village

Wanting to explore the perks of real village life? Saidpur Village in Islamabad can offer you a lot of fascinating and mesmerizing scenes that one usually lacks in the urban cities and lives. There are Hindu temples and Sikh gurdwaras as well. People who are interested is witnessing these sights will get an advantage.

Moreover, there are also plenty of restaurants that can cater to your food cravings while enjoying the beautiful view of the Himalaya hills.

The beauty of the Margalla Hills

Margalla hills have created a spell upon the city. It has engulfed the entire city and this is the reason that Islamabad is called the land of greens. Even some rare wildlife animals could be seen in these hills. So, do not miss out on the chance to experience the lush greenery of these Himalaya and Margalla hills.

Damn-e-Koh Park

Damn-e-Koh Park also offers a beautiful view of Islamabad. This place can be best visited at around 4-5 PM. At this time, the natural lights fade and artificial lights started illuminating the entire city. Lush green and shiny view of Islamabad cannot be experienced better by any other destination except Damn-e-Koh.

On Sunday, there are small amusements rides and snacks around the location so you can enjoy the beauty of the scene. Moreover, this place will give you a chance to get mingled with the natives and tourists.

Rawal Lake

Rawal Lake is believed to be the Korang river that descends from the Margalla hills. This is surely an alluring sight to witness. Several picnic points are being reserved on this location. Tourists and natives come along with their families to take advantage of the fascinating view of the lake.

Motorboats are also available for those who aspire to swim across the lake.


So, these are some of the best and worth visiting travel destinations in Islamabad in my point of view. I hope you guys will must visit these locations if you ever happened to be in this city.

Places to Visit in Islamabad
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Places to Visit in Islamabad
LogicalBaat has curated the list of top 8 attracted Places to Visit in Islamabad. If you ever happened to this beautiful city, don’t forget to visit these places
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