PM released Abhinandan

PM declared Indian Pilot Abhinandan should be released as a “peace gesture”


In a joint parliamentary session in Islamabad, PM Imran Khan has announced the release of Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan in order to avoid further damage on the part of both countries. His release should be a “peace gesture”.

PM Imran khan’s recent statement should not be taken as a sign of weakness. He asserted “to not misconstrue Pakistan’s desire for de-escalation as weakness.” He further lauded the whole nation and the opposition who stands fir and united in this crucial time.

Throughout his speech, we have seen PM Imran Khan as an emblem of peace and prosperity who is against the war. He has mentioned time and again the importance and vitality of dialogues to solve the tensions between both countries. He warns India not to go beyond this aggression because further advancements in this issue can destroy the peace of the countries. He said “Countries are ruined because of miscalculation. War is not a solution. If India takes any action, we will have to retaliate.” He further said that both countries are not in that state to afford miscalculation.

“The only purpose of our strike was to demonstrate our capability and will. We did not want to inflict any casualty on India as we wanted to act in a responsible manner.”
Stressing upon the word “peace” PM Imran Khan has announced the release of the Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan on 1st of March so that there will be peace everywhere. “I had said that if India does something then we will respond,” he exaggerated.
Prime Minister Imran Khan further lauded Pakistani media for supporting peace and solidarity by acting sensibly. However, he feels that India media was creating war hysteria that would not work at all.

Imran Khan also lamented over the fact that after Pulwana attack, Pakistan was blamed within 30 minutes of the incident. “I am not saying India was involved in Pulwama attack but tell us how it can benefit Pakistan? We did ask India to give evidence and assured them of taking an action.” Instead of providing proofs, India appreciated warmongering, which is not a solution.

He regretted that India never responded positively to our offers for dialogue and efforts for peace. He has highlighted the fact that current tensions between Pakistan and India are because of the Kashmir issue. “At one point, Kashmir leaders had not wanted separation, but owing to Indian brutalities, today all they demand is independence.” It is very crucial to set a dialogue meeting holding Kashmir issues. “The situation should not get out of hand or Pakistan will have to retaliate.”

DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor has cleared that the military action taken by Pakistan was an act of its defense as the IAF violated the Line of Control on Feb 26.


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