PM Imran honored Attaullah Esakhelvi

PM Imran honored Attaullah Esakhelvi after rising from his seat


Islamabad: During PTI’s 23rd foundation day ceremony held on Wednesday, the Prime Minister Imran Khan stood up from his seat to meet and honor the renowned singer Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi after he completed his new PTI anthem.

Out most respected singer was sitting on a wheel-chair. Prime Minister Imran Khan immediately rose from his seat in order to greet the ailing singer. He walked towards the singer and shook hands with him in reverence.

As he shook hands with him, the ailing singer kissed the hands of his leader and as he did this, the whole cheered with slogans of Imran Khan and Esakhelvi.

The official Twitter account of PTI has captured the moments and posted the picture along with the caption: “Comrades like Attaullah Esakhelvi prompt even the Prime Minister to get up from his seat and welcome him with a firm yet warm handshake.

The way Attaullah Esakhelvi reacts depicts the hopes people like him have associated with Prime Minister Khan.”

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