PM Imran hopes world can now understand Kashmiris' suffering

PM Imran hopes world can now understand Kashmiris’ suffering


Islamabad: Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has claimed on Tuesday that the world’s super powers may now realize the sufferings of the poor Kashmiris who have been living in lockdown since months.

He stated that the international community have been showing indifference towards the poor people and now they are all locked up inside their homes.

The coronavirus pandemic has globally killed over 169,000 people while 2.5 million people are still suffering in the hospitals. Under this condition, the world’s power nations were also forced to stay indoors.

However, several people from the developed countries have come out on the streets to protested against the lockdown.

The citizens of US, Lebanon, Russia, Germany, Kenya, India, France, Brazil, South Africa, and Colombia have severely protested to the social distancing rules that were advised by the World Health Organization (WHO).

PM Imran Khan took to his twitter handle and wrote,

“Demonstrations in various parts of the world are now going on against lockdowns during a pandemic – despite [provision] of medical, financial, communication & food assistance.”

He still invites the international community to ponder over the Kashmir issue and try to reduce their sufferings. The international community should take some productive action against those who have been making the lives of the Kashmiris quite miserable.

PM Imran stated, “Perhaps now [the international] community can understand the suffering of Kashmiris in IOJK as they suffer brutal oppression.”

In another tweet, he criticized the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led government. He wrote that,

“They have ensured that the Kashmiris remain in distress and deprived under an inhumane politico-[military] lockdown continuing for over 8 months now without any provision of medical, financial, communication or food assistance.”

It is pertinent to note that the Indian Occupied Kashmir has been under the lockdown since 5th August 2019.

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