PM Imran Khan 9th most Popular World Leader

PM Imran Khan – 9th most Popular World Leader


Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan who is an inspiration for the leaders in Pakistan has now emerged as the 9th most popular world leader owing to an immense fan following on his Twitter handle. Observing his social networking website Twitter, it has been discovered that he has over 9.4 million followers. Well, this is indeed an excellent achievement as a leader. Imran Khan is hailed across Pakistani for his leadership qualities and it’s an honor for all of us.

The Pakistan Premier is considered as the 9th most followed world leaders on Twitter, according to Spectator Index, a website that usually displays statistics and international rankings from the fields of politics, economics, history, military affairs, sports, science, and technology.

Maryam Nawaz the PML-N leader has got 5.06 million followers, while PPP chairperson Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has 3.24 million followers record.
The number one spot is secured by US President Donald Trump who has 59.5 million followers.

The Pakistan premiere was popular among the nations even before coming into power. According to the last year’s spectator Index, he was placed at 7th spot with 8.17 million Twitter followers which eventually shot up to 9.4 million followers after taking the premiership in Pakistan.

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