PM Imran Khan Called Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman


Prime minister Imran khan telephoned Mohammad Bin Salman to discuss the latest developments on Kashmir. It is obvious that IK is busy in contact with a number of leaders to highlight the issue of Kashmir. He is taking serious measures as we all know that this matter is not a small issue. Thousands of lives are attached with it.

Saudi press confirmed the call between two leaders of the most important countries in Muslim world. It is true if these two countries take a firm stand on some issue then all other Muslim countries will have to follow them. Pakistan is an atomic power and holds much authority in whole world. While Saudi Arabia is the most beloved country in the hearts of Muslims.

If these two countries take a stand and lead the mission, then the conditions would be better in Kashmir issue. After 5 Aug, 2019 the situation in Kashmir is not good. The RSS people are destroying the self-respect and killing the rights of people in the occupied Kashmir. They need strong reaction from the people of Kashmir as well as from the leading Muslim countries.

They Kashmiri people seem much dedicated regarding freedom this time. Their love for freedom and Pakistan can be seen in every funeral ceremony. Some of the people always hold Pakistani flag whenever there is funeral or they carry the dead body of their loved ones.

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