PM Imran Khan congratulated elected Indian PM Narendra Modi

PM Imran Khan congratulated elected Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi


As soon as the results of the Indian general elections were announced, people started congratulating Narendra Modi over his dramatic victory.

Among all those was Pakistan Premier Imran Khan who also extended good wishes with his Indian counterpart after winning the elections 2019.

He tweeted, “I congratulate Prime Minister Modi on the electoral victory of BJP and allies. Look forward to working with him for peace, progress, and prosperity in South Asia.”

In return to these warm wishes by our PM, Narendra Modi also responded with some positive vibes and prosperity in both regions.

He replied,

“Thank You Pm #ImrankhanPTI.”

“I warmly express my gratitude for your good wishes. I have always given primacy to peace and development in our region.”

Both leaders are looking forward to the policies and decisions that would prove best for the countries.

It is further reported that the currently elected government will decide its next policies and bilateral ties with Pakistan.

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