PM Imran Khan extended lockdown for two more weeks

PM Imran Khan extended lockdown for two more weeks


On Tuesday, the federal government has extended lockdown in manjor parts for two more weeks amid coronavirus fears.

While presiding over the National Coordination Committee on Tuesday, PM Imran Khan has announced the extension in the lockdown for two more weeks.

All the schools, colleges, universities, sport centers, events, cinemas will remain closed for two more weeks.

He also advised his people to be really careful while going outside and meeting people. People need to know that coronavirus is not a joke and it has destroyed the developed countries. People should not take it for granted.

Fortunately, pakistan has not experinced as much cases as experienced in the other countries of the world. So, we must help government to curb this virus from our country.

PM Imran Khan also announced that the construction indurty should resumed its operations.

Meanwhile, Pakistan’s famous religious scholar Mufti Muneeb ur Rehman has yesterday announced that lockdown would no longer be implemented on the mosques.

The Ruet e Hilal Committee’s Chairman Mufti Muneeb ur Rehman announed on Tuesday evening that Friday prayers will be offered in the mosques.

During Ramzan, the Namaz e Taraweeh and Aetkaf would also be held in the mosques, he claimed. He cleared that government should know that closing mosques is not the solution to the coronavirus problem. We must seek forgiveness from the Almighty.

Mufti Muneeb added, “The prayer leader’s job is to led prayers, not to stop them.”

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