PM Imran Khan raised hopes for oil and gas recovery


Islamabad: Speaking at the 23rd foundation day ceremony of PTI, Prime Minister Imran Khan has once again talked about the major oil and gas reserves that are soon to be discovered in offshore drilling. He has raised hopes about the discovery of major oil and gas reserves.

During his address, he also discusses the current state of the country and the alleged corruption of both PPP and PML-N. He further stated that no NRO should be offered to the opposition parties.

During the address, he felt blessed to have a country like Pakistan where everything which is considered necessary for a prosperous land is available.

While discussing his future plans in order to make our country strong and independent state, he shared hopes regarding the discovery of major gas and oil reserves in offshore drilling being that is carried out in the Arabian Sea.

Within the time period of two weeks, the Pakistani nation will soon receive good news. He requested the people of Pakistan to offer prayers and make dua for their homeland and for the expectations that are being attached to the oil and gas reserves.

According to his statement, if the gas and oil reserves are found then it would be enough to meet Pakistan’s needs for the next 50 years.

He also stated that he is looking forward to more economic strategies to put the economy of the country in a stable condition.

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