PM Imran Khan refused a King demand

PM Imran Khan refused a “King’s demand” to set Nawaz Sharif free, Shaikh Rashid


Lahore: While addressing a press conference on Saturday, the Minister for Railways, Shaikh Rashid Ahmed has claimed that Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has refused the demand of a King which leads to set former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif free.

Shaikh Rashid mentioned the said statement in these words,

“A King urged PM Imran Khan to let Nawaz Sharif go, however, Imran Khan categorically refused it,” Geo news officials reported.

It is further revealed by the Minister for Railways that the King also sent funds to Pakistan during his official visit to Islamabad in order to strengthen bilateral ties with Pakistan.

It is also reported by the minister that Pakistan Railways is moving on the path of progress and development excluding these two incidents which occurred within two months.

He further stated that in order to ensure proper security measures and to find out the cause of the accidents, cameras have been installed in the railway engines.

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