PM Imran Khan stated that Current difficulties

PM Imran Khan stated that Current difficulties will ultimately lead to prosperity


Islamabad: While addressing the ruling alliance members of parliament at the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), Imran Khan on Monday asked the members of the ruling alliance to sought solutions for the problems of the civilians.

He stated that the economy of the country is not stable however, the current difficulties will soon be overpowered which would result in the prosperity and well-being of the country.

He was assured by the members who will be supporting him in putting the economy of the country into a stable state.

The parliament was led by Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh who is an Adviser to the Prime Minister on Economy affairs. Earlier Imran Khan has also sought a detailed report regarding the economy of the country.

Several voices from the parliament were raised against the sudden price hike especially in petroleum products, utility and daily use items.

During the meeting, it was officially announced by PM Imran Khan that regarding the gas and power sectors, the government is willing to provide the subsidy of Rs216 billion this year. However, the subsidy would not be given to those sectors who are not performing their duties with proper responsibility.

Various future plans, policies and economic conditions were also brought to light during the meeting. The government would surely make policies to ensure a better economic state, it further added.

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