Pm Imran Khan Will address the Nation Today Regarding Kashmir Issue


Prime Minister Imran Kahn is going to address the nation today Live to discuss about the current situation on Kashmir. We need to know what exactly the government is doing for Kashmiris? The condition is not good. Its fact but are we taking sufficient steps as counter strategy against Indian’s planning?

To know the stance of Pakistani officials, Imran Khan decide to highlight the next agenda. Firdous Ashiq Awan told this on Monday.

The challenge is big but we also have high spirits. Modi Government revoked the Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, the situation is still very sensitive on the line of control. Hundreds of Kashmiris are doing protests against the Modi Sarkar.

UAE, also proved that the “Muslim rulers, have nothing to do with the Kashmiris, the award ceremony for Modi, and visit to a mosque with Abu Dhabi Prince cannot be justified at the moment. It is really a pathetic response from the so called Muslim rulers of UAE.

Now, the government of Pakistan, being an atomic power should consult this issue with other major Islamic countries especially the OIC members. If there is no unity in Musllim Ummah then how can they face the corrupt and cruel actions of Modi government.

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