‘PM Imran Khan will have to go’ Bilawal


Islamabad: Chairman Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Friday declared that PM Imran Khan has to go. The puppet government will no longer destroy the economy of the country.

Bilawal Bhutto is always referring to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government as the ‘Selected’ and ‘Puppet Government’ that is incapable of running a country and its economy.

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Azadi March in Islamabad

Addressing the participants of the Azadi March in Islamabad, he stated that,

“The people of this country won’t accept any selected or puppet premier nor are they willing to surrender to any dictator.”

He further explained that “The people of this country want only democracy and freedom from all the puppets, selectors and the selected.”

He asserted that PM Imran Khan’s government has done nothing during this one year of its power. The starvation among the masses has even increased. People want to get rid of this ‘Selected’ government.

He went on saying that “Selection is carried out in the elections. Rigging is managed. Polling agents are thrown out of the polling stations. The RTS system is aborted. As a result of the rigging, an inefficient, ineligible and puppet is selected to be the prime minister of this country.”

Referring to PM Imran Khan as a ‘puppet’, he said that PM has been destroying the economy of the country. He has left people deprived of their basic rights. Pakistani people will no longer rely on this ‘puppet government’.

It is pertinent to note that all the opposition parties are trying to be united so that they may put pressure on the government and urge PM Imran Khan to resign.

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